Welcome to Havertown: An Insider’s Guide to the Real Estate, Amenities, and Lifestyle

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Havertown, an inviting community in the heart of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, has a rich history, beautiful homes, and a friendly community. This guide is your insider look into Havertown real estate, the abundance of amenities, and the unique lifestyle that residents enjoy.

An Overview of Havertown Real Estate

One of the charms of Havertown is its eclectic mix of housing options. Whether you’re looking for a stately Colonial, a charming Cape Cod, or a comfortable ranch-style home, Havertown real estate provides something for every taste and budget.

  • Historic Homes

Havertown’s history dates back to the 17th century, and many homes in the area reflect this rich past. You’ll find numerous early-20th-century homes, from traditional stone Colonials to quaint cottages, each holding a unique piece of Havertown’s history.

  • Modern Conveniences

While the historic charm of Havertown is undeniable, you’ll also find homes with modern conveniences. Many older homes have been renovated with contemporary amenities, blending old-world charm with 21st-century comfort. Additionally, there’s a selection of newer construction homes, condominiums, and townhouses for those who prefer a modern aesthetic.

Amenities in Havertown

Havertown is more than just beautiful homes. The area boasts a wealth of amenities that contribute to its residents’ high quality of life.

  • Outdoor Activities

Outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased to find several parks and recreational facilities in Havertown. The Haverford Reserve offers over 120 acres of green space, including trails, sports fields, and a playground. Meanwhile, the Pennsy Trail is a favourite among local walkers, joggers, and cyclists.

  • Dining and Shopping

Havertown also offers an array of dining and shopping options. Whether you’re looking for a cozy coffee shop, a family-friendly pizza joint, or fine dining, you’ll find it here. The shopping scene is equally diverse, from independent boutiques to convenient shopping centres like the Manoa Shopping Centre.

  • Community Events

The sense of community is strong in Havertown, demonstrated by the variety of events throughout the year. These include the Haverford Spring Fest, a music and arts festival; Haverford Township Day, parades, food, and fun; and the Haverford Music Festival, which draws local and nationally known musicians.

The Havertown Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Havertown is centred around a sense of community, outdoor living, and an appreciation for history.

  • A Close-Knit Community

Residents often describe Havertown as a close-knit community. Neighbours know each other, and it’s not uncommon to see families walking to school or local eateries together. This sense of community is fostered through local events, community organizations, and the everyday friendliness of its residents.

  • Access to Philadelphia

Havertown’s proximity to Philadelphia is another attractive aspect of its lifestyle. A short drive or train ride takes you to the city’s heart, providing access to its job market, cultural offerings, and famous historical sites. Yet you can return to the comfort and tranquillity of suburban Havertown.

  • Excellent Education

Havertown is part of the Haverford Township School District, known for its high-quality education. The area is also close to several prestigious universities, including Villanova University and Haverford College, contributing to an atmosphere of educational excellence.

An Inside Look at Havertown Neighborhoods

Every neighbourhood in Havertown has its own charm and unique characteristics, enhancing the appeal of Havertown real estate.

  • Brookline

Brookline, one of Havertown’s most established neighbourhoods, is renowned for its charming early-20th-century homes. This neighbourhood is centred around Brookline Boulevard, where numerous local eateries and shops contribute to a warm, community-focused environment.

  • Lynnewood Park

Lynnewood Park is popular among families due to its proximity to Lynnewood Elementary School and the local park. Homes in this neighbourhood range from mid-century ranch houses to modern builds, offering various options for prospective homeowners.

  • Westgate Hills

Westgate Hills, known for its winding, tree-lined streets and a large park, offers a peaceful, suburban feel. The homes in this neighbourhood, many built in the mid-20th century, offer spacious yards and quiet surroundings.

The Future of Havertown Real Estate

As more people discover Havertown’s charm, the future of Havertown real estate looks promising. With its proximity to Philadelphia, family-friendly neighbourhoods, and abundant amenities, Havertown continues to attract homebuyers from different walks of life.

While the area’s growth continues, Havertown remains committed to preserving its historic charm and tight-knit community atmosphere. New developments and renovations are done to maintain the character that makes Havertown unique.

Making Havertown Your Home

Choosing a new home goes beyond selecting a house; it’s about finding a community where you can thrive. In Havertown, you’ll find a community that celebrates its history, cherishes its amenities, and nurtures its residents.

From family-friendly neighbourhoods to bustling local businesses and stellar schools, Havertown offers an engaging lifestyle. Whether starting a family, looking for a friendly community, or simply wanting a place with easy access to city life and the tranquillity of suburban living, Havertown real estate offers something for everyone.


Here at Mainline KW, we pride ourselves on helping individuals and families discover the joys of Havertown living. Our deep understanding of Havertown real estate and love for this wonderful community allow us to help you find a home that suits your needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a quaint historic home, a modern townhouse, or something in between, we’re here to guide you through the process. 
More than just a house, we’ll help you find a place where you can thrive and create lifelong memories. At Mainline KW, we don’t just sell homes in Havertown; we introduce you to a lifestyle filled with community spirit, history, and modern convenience. Welcome to Havertown; your new home awaits!

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